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Le Shoreditch Double Face 10KW - Poêles à bois

Le Shoreditch est à présent disponible en poêle à bois double face de 10 kilowatts, pour des pièces plus grandes qui exigent une augmentation de la sortie de chaleur.

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Tous les prix affichés sont pour un fini noir. Un supplément de €75 sera facturé pour les couleurs optionnelles.

Choix de couleurs:

Noir                    Argent                 Ivoire                  Bleu atlantique  Vert sauge       Terracotta 

@joeheenan Very good

Susie Beart
Susie Beart

“Using Chesney's bespoke service gave us a flexibility and choice that simply wouldn't have been available had we used antiques. The chimneypieces were a great success and enhanced the overall look of the design scheme.”

Parker Hobart
Parker Hobart

For over 25 years Parker Hobart Associates has provided a comprehensive marketing, press and public relations service to the dedicated areas of home interiors, design, lifestyle and retail. The company continues to grow in both experience and knowledge, recognising the many merging and diverse trends and applications that contribute to its clients' successes. Through acquiring an in-depth understanding of its clients' products and services, it delivers marketing based campaigns to build, maintain, promote and defend brands. Parker Hobart Associates has successfully represented Chesney's for over 10 years helping to build the brand and promote the Chesney's name in all areas of business.

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